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Listen to the call of the sea

our goal is to keep eating well while protecting our oceans!

Environmental concerns are forcing us to review our consumption habits and turn toward more sustainable alternatives. That’s why we’ve decided that our purpose at Onami Foods is to revolutionize how we consume ocean products while continuing to enjoy delicious, environmentally friendly foods.

That’s why we’re offering you products that are:


100% delicious

100% vegan

200% sustainable

Our mission is to innovate

Onami Foods is the story of two friends who for more than 20 years have shared the goal of making the world a better place. It’s a dream that we bring to life every day by changing our eating habits.

In 2021 Charles and Benjamin launched the first wave: an inspiring movement with a novel approach to seafood. Its most important rule is to never compromise on taste. The two friends have developed unique, surprising and environmentally responsible recipes that will wake up the taste buds of children and adults alike. 

Join the wave

We’re not the only people who think that taking effective action means we need to eat better. That means choosing to eat food that helps safeguard our oceans’ resources and biodiversity. More and more consumers have adopted our belief that eating better means protecting our oceans better.

And now it’s your turn. That’s right, it’s up to you. The power to change things is in your hands (or your mouth). You can eat well. Eat deliciously. Eat better. And eat food that makes you hum with pleasure while saving our oceans.

I taste change

Why did we name the company Onami Foods?

Nami means “the wave” in Japanese, while “O” is an honorific that shows respect.

The goal of Onami Foods is literally in its name. We’re launching a sustainable wave that will change our eating habits!